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ASKERS - I Want You For....Ska (2001-320kb/s)

The Askers came to light in 1998 thanks to the great passion of Andrea, Tiziano and Alessio.
Our same interest to the Jamaican rhythms of the 60's, led us to make the ska a cult and deepen this passion, leading to the roots of this music: from bluebeat, turning to Rocksteady, until two tone, the most modern ska, typical of the English style of the 80's.

The songs of our demo "I want you for ska", was typically Two Tone, but not missing hints of Rocksteady.
After the registration of our demo, we have started to open concerts to bands that we could only see at the foot of the stage before this such: Skatalites, New York ska Jazz ensemble, Skarface, Arpioni, the 400 colpi, Vallanzaska, Franziska, Pitura Freska and we had played in prestigious clubs such the Rainbow and the Alcatraz in Milan and the live Club in TREZZO (BG - Italy).
In the spring of 2002, we were the headliner at the "Skapa' da Ka'" tour, playing deeply in the North and in some parts of central and South Italy.
Some of the gigs were: "Il Mulino" in Viterbo, "Blues House" in Milan, "The Skaletta" in La Spezia, "the grapes pub" in Pontremoli (MS), "The Mulligans pub" in Montespertoli (FI).
In the summer of 2003, we had released our first cd "IN MOVIMENTO" (Moving on) (Askers/Ethnoworld S. r.l.)
It includes 10 tracks: nine unpublished and one is a remake.
This cd goes from 60's ska rhythms to modern ska, with a swing and jazz contamination.
During the 2004, we have done the video clip of our single "SOLO FEDELTA'" (Just allegiance), under the scrupulous direction of Matteo Bini, and his troupe.
This clip was very appreciated by the media, and was planned on TV networks such Viva All Music, Rock TV, MTV etc...
The 2008 is the year of the turning point, after six years with the same line up, the band has a significant change of staff.
The new line up gives to the band fresh ideas, useful to create a new album in a short time "SOPRA LA MEDIA" (Above the Average) (Latlantide/EMI Music Publishing).
The single "LUGLIO" (July) has planned in many Italian radios, among the most important Radio Deejay, Radio Italia, Kiss kiss, Radio Popolare.
The new line up sees the confirmation of Alessio (drums), Tiziano (bass), Andrea (Voice and Trombone) and the join of Sebastiano (Keyboards) Luca (guitar) and Dibo (Tenor sax).
The sound of the band now, is close to Rocksteady, jamaican Ska and Reggae, getting out of the Two Tone rhythm that had characterized the first years of the band.


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