mercredi 10 septembre 2008

UNIVERSAL EGG PRESENT - Lead with the bass 2 (1996-320kb/s)

Universal Egg was initially begun by Zion Train to promote Zion Train music and productions. This expanded into the release and promotion of what we consider to be undiscovered and beautiful music. There is no aim for world domination just a commitment to quality output.

With labels like Studio One, Blue Note, Real World, ECM and Sun Ra's Saturn imprint as inspirations Universal Egg has grown from humble beginnings, the first releases being distributed by London Transport, to having world wide distribution and a reputation to match.

Although the early releases were mainly Dub sounds the eclectic nature of the label was demonstrated on early releases like Robert Charlesworth's tranquil, Eno-esque 'Music for the Third Ear' and reached its pinnacle with the sublime 'Anoraks' by Penumbra. 2001 saw another genre explored by Universal Egg the beautiful new folk of the Headmix album 'Reach Out'

Dub is our first love with Vibronics, Tassilli Players, Nucleus Roots,Aabssi All Stars, Mad Professor and Zion Train providing the bedrock of the label's output. All of these artists help to maintain the reputation of Universal Egg as the most adventurous of UK Dub labels.

1998 saw the launch of our new vinyl label Deep Root following the traditional vocal/dub format. The response has been phenomenal...

2004 saw the second Vibronics long player 'Dubliftment' and a remix album of 'Original Sounds Of The Zion' with some amazing contributions from a bunch of exciting musicians.

As the early Zion Train works have become unavailable we have decided to reissue some of them and this reissue programme started in 2004 with a new edition of 'Power One', 'Power Two' and 'Jah Holds The Key' on coloured vinyl 7". This was followed by 'A Passage To Indica',and ' Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub', with 'Siren' following in 2006.

Love Grocer joined the Universal Egg family in 2005 and it was a great pleasure to release their third long player in 2006 alongside the debut album from the Abassi All Stars. We also released our first download only album with the Tassilli Players 'Ages Of The Earth in Dub' and hence entered another new chapter of the Universal Egg story with our dubplate downloads.

Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Nucleus Roots joined the Egg family in 2007 with their debut vinyl releases alongside the 'Dub Showcase' album from Abassi All Stars which with the new Zion Train album 'Live As One' made 2007 our most successful year yet. Plans for 2008 include 'Lead With The Bass Vol 3', and Dub Terror's debut long player so the future looks bright for all eggheads.

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