mercredi 14 mai 2008

DEM BROOKLYN BUMS - Step Up To The Plate (1999-256kb/s)

Big-band swing music spiced up with a pinch of Ska and a dash of Rockabilly in true New York style, with all the trademark Brooklyn sass.

In 1955, the then Brooklyn Dodgers, who played at Ebbets Field in Flatbush, NY, beat the New York Yankees, winning their first World Series Championship in umpteen years. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA, and Ebbets Field became the Ebbets Apartments. These were the Boys of Summer. Now, in the New Millennium we have Dem Brooklyn Bums!

Formed in early 1997 by "Broccoli" Rob Cittadino, Dem Brooklyn Bums already boasts a solid reputation. With their second CD, "Step Up to the Plate" debuting on the CMJ charts at #17; and opening for major acts all over the country, such as the Royal Crown Revue, Save Ferris, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Brian Setzer Orchestra and even Shaquille O'Neil, and in the Fall of 2000, Dem Brooklyn Bums went overseas and toured Europe. Dem Bums are poised to be bigger than US Steel!

Inspired by his early experiences as a bassist in every kind of band from heavy metal to what would be the forerunner of Dem Brooklyn Bums, Captain Sticky Big Band (a spoof on old classics), "Broccoli" Rob discovered he had the vocal talents, music savvy, wacky humor, and boundless energy to start what would become the most original and audience-pleasing band this country has seen in ages! However, this isn't your plain old garden-variety band. Even though the meticulous jazz chops would tell you otherwise, you don't see your average swing cats playing at 480 BPM, crowd-surfing with their upright bass, or writing tunes such as "Switchblade Mambo," "Wifebeata Boogie," "Slap Ya 'Round," and "Boozin' and Cruizin'." But don't call the local authorities just yet - "Broccoli" Rob says, "Hey, this is just a parody. We love mom, apple pie, and the regular Joe who wants to go out with his girl, rip up the dance floor, and have the best time they've had in years!"

Joining in this mad frenzy is Rob's buddy from his teen metal days, Rich "Dusty Chopmeat" Zukor on drums, whose motto is "beef before sleep." Rich recruited Dave "The Carnasie Kid" Levitt from music school to cover trombone duties. From there, we have Timmy "Pimento" Clemente on guitar and backing vocals, Bernhard "Gunter Ginter" Ullrich on tenor and baritone sax, and Paulie "Pierogies" Brandenburg on trumpet.

Not just riding any party train, Dem Bums also love to get involved in their community and have played at several charity events. Currently, they are touring all over the country again and will be seen at many clubs and festivals throughout the spring and summer of 2001 and releasing their third album which is being co-produced by Eddie Money and Curt Cuomo, which will be completed by March 2001. The main thing to remember, says Rich "Dusty Chopmeat": "It doesn't matter if you can't dance, just grab someone and jump!"

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