mardi 8 avril 2008

ARPIONI - Papalagi (1995-320kb/s)

Arpioni is a musical collective formed by more than ten person, born in 1990 in Bergamo (Italy). They begin playing live shows in many clubs, becoming well known in the italian ska scene. In '93 they take part in the first italian ska compilation 'SKANDALO AL SOLE' (Vow Pop).
In '95 they produce their first cd 'PAPALAGI', after several shows begins the partnership with GRIDALO FORTE RECORDS, famous indipendent label from Rome, that decide to produce three years later 'IN MEZZO AI GUAI', second album of the band.
In '99 Laurel Aitken, also known as The Godfather of Ska, wants them as band for his italian tour and in summer they record their third cd 'UN MONDO IN LEVARE', produced by Kaki Arkarazo, appreciated sound engeneer that worked also with Manu Chao, Amparanoia, Fermin Muguruza.
In september '01 come out the fourth album 'BUONA MISTA SOCIAL SKA', a collection of italian traditional songs played in their personal ska style.

In may '05 the last release 'MALACABEZA' (Alternative Produzioni), ditribuited also in Germany by Mad Butcher. The album is characterized by a big variety of musical styles, from trad ska of course, to latin and italian traditional songs ska revisited. In the album there are a lot of important features, like Tonino Carotone (the famous singer from Pamplona with who they also tour in Italy), Roy Paci (the explosive Manu Chao's trumpet in Radio Bemba Sound System) and many others.
Arpioni played in every corner of Italy and also in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Rep., and other), if you can, come to see their crazy italian ska-folk show...try and believe it!


Stefano 'Kino' Ferri - lead vocals
Franco Scarpellini - guitar / backing vocals
Dario 'PG' Milan - drum
Antonello 'Tonno' Gini - bass / backing vocals
Francesco 'Explosion' Esposito - keys
Pier Muccio - trombone
Guglielmo 'Facco' Facchinetti - tenor sax
Alessio 'Kleine' Canino - trumpet

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