vendredi 11 avril 2008

HELLCAT RECORDS PRESENTS - Give'em the Boot (1997-256kb/s)

Give 'Em the Boot is a series of compilation albums released by Hellcat Records. The first release came out July 29, 1997, and there has been a new release every other year, except for the gap between the second and third releases, which had two years in between. It is similar to the Punk-O-Rama and Unsound series released by Hellcat's parent label, Epitaph Records.

The series is released to promote bands on Hellcat Records. Because of this, the price of the compilations are cheaper than other regular releases, to encourage fans to buy it and hear bands that may or may not have heard of before.

The title of the series comes from a lyric in "Roots Radicals" from ...And Out Come the Wolves by Rancid. The head of Hellcat Records is Tim Armstrong, who is lead singer and guitarist for Rancid.

In 2005, a DVD was released under the Give 'Em the Boot name. It featured live performances by many Hellcat artists, including multiple appearances by Rancid.


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